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What started off as a commission for the Captain's Table in this "first in class" Royal Navy Destroyer grew into a number of different pieces being commissioned by different people for this amazing addition to the Royal Navy's fleet.

Captians Table Occasional  Table

"HMS DARING is the most advanced warship in the Royal Navy today equipped throughout with leading edge technology and which will host high level dignitaries in the Captain’s cabin wherever she goes .... Nick  has produced an amazing table, which always attracts attention, admiring looks and very favourable comments.  It is so good, that we asked him to produce an accompanying coffee table. 

These truly beautiful and very functional pieces of furniture will be part of DARING for the next 40 yrs of service.  If you’re looking for unique designs that inextricably link with their surroundings, crafted to the very highest standards by a gifted artisan, then I unreservedly recommend Nick Gutfreund as your first port of call."

Capt RN
Commanding Officer


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