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Most people don't commission a craftsman or artist to make them something on a regular basis. Therefore it can feel like a journey into the unknown.

I believe it is so important for you to feel excited and engaged at every stage; from the initial design, right through to the finished piece. I approach each commission in this way and always try to produce something with a special connection to you. My whole aim is to create a piece of furniture which is both beautiful and functional; one from which you get a real feeling of ownership. To me real ownership doesn’t just mean that you have paid for your piece; it means that your tastes and interests are reflected in it and therefore its ultimate form means something personal to you.

To be able to do this I try, wherever possible, to meet you to discuss what you have in mind and, importantly, to see the environment within which the piece will live.

Having a clear understanding of your requirement, I will present a design, with an outline of my thinking; why I have chosen a particular timber and why it takes the form that it does. To me it’s not just giving you what you have asked for. It’s about giving you the unexpected ... in the right way.

Designs are living things; they shouldn't necessarily stop evolving at the drawing stage. During the making of each piece the timbers and construction methods may suggest a different path to that originally conceived. By having an open dialogue during the build, you will feel more connected and part of the finished article, ensuring that it is a very personal piece that will fulfil your needs in an elegant way.

When commissioning a project, price will of course have a role to play. Through considered design and selection of timbers I can make pieces for a range of budget levels. When you decide to proceed there will be a deposit to pay to secure the commission, with the balance due upon delivery.


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